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author Glynda-Lee Hoffmann


At a contemplative community called “The Christ Circle,” in Boulder Creek, California, Glynda-Lee Hoffmann began her studies of the Qabalah in Genesis in 1973. A book, “The Cipher of Genesis: The Original Code of Qabala as Applied to the Scriptures,” by French author Carlo Suares, given to her by another resident of the community provided both her inspiration and her lesson plan. She developed her own technique of decoding by reading Suares’ book dozens of times. She focused on specific phrases that describe the attributes of the Hebrew letters, not as linguistic components, but as quantum patterns of energy, especially those of inner awareness. This method allowed her brain to accumulate a vast library of information about the patterns of energy which Suares attributes to the Hebrew letters as elements of the code of Qabalah. It became clear to Hoffmann that the letters formed a complex code of information about the fundamental properties of energy at the heart of all life in the universe. She also realized this information is a revelation that was historically experienced by Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and others. Their conclusion was the same as hers. We humans have a mission, which is to complete the evolution of our own brains in developing all the myriad processes of inner awareness, embodied in the mythical Eve, our genius frontal lobe. The Qabalah is one path to that completion.


Hoffmann, using this method, taught herself the Qabalah without a teacher. In the process she developed a valuable skill: How to pass on it’s incredible knowledge to anyone who truly desires it.


Hoffmann is also Assistant Director of the Hoffmann Learning Research Institute in Chico, California. She recently gave a TED talk about the proprietary learning program the institute designed. Hoffmann continues to be fascinated by the human brain, and even more fascinated by the fact that the vision of the brain she perceived through her work with Genesis surpasses that of many neuroscientists, even today.

Interview with Hillary Raimo on Yin TV Radio

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